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VN Jam Meet & Greets, often just Meet & Greets, are scheduled, structured and online social gatherings of visual novel developers.

DevTalk Meet & Greets

Format & Schedule

In DevTalk, Meet & Greets are held for partnered or sponsored jams. These events are held in group voice calls in Discord where participants are encouraged to participate in voice or listen to voice and participate in a text channel. These social events are scheduled the month prior to a participating jam on Saturdays at 2 PM Eastern and typically last two to four hours. The Meet & Greets open with statements or announcements, often the hosts introducing themselves or explaining important information about the VN Jam at hand, then opening the floor to allow the Meet & Greet participants to introduce themselves following a prompt of simple questions.

Following introductions, the Meet & Greet opens the floor for casual discussion where the participants have control over the remainder of the event.

Efficacy & Participation

The average participation of a DevTalk Meet & Greet is between 50 and 70 participants in a voice call. For a given jam, the first of two Meet & Greets tends to be larger, with the second Meet & Greet having a lower number of participants. Between a set of Meet & Greets, the first meeting tends to have a larger quantity of new teams and team matches being made.

Meet & Greets are often successful at assisting people build small or sprawling teams of individuals, however the demand for skilled individuals tends to be high. The participation numbers of character artists, writers, and voice actors tends to be high while background illustrators, animators, composers, programmers, and editors tends to be more limited. Individuals with in-demand skills frequently have their pick of projects.

Supported VN Jams

Question Prompts

The prompts at each Meet & Greet include the same 3 questions, followed by an ice breaker question that changes from meeting to meeting. Often, the host will call to the crowd to come up with an ice breaker question, giving them some control over the text chat, side banter, and open floor discussions.

1. Your name/Group Name!
2. Describe the project you'd like to work on/What roles you can fill in a team.
3. What kind of assistance/team members do you need?
4. Ice-Breaker