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Plum PFP.jpg
Role/Purpose Manage the DevTalk Discord server
Creator(s) Nai
Status Active
Initial activation April 15, 2019; 4 years ago (2019-04-15)
Written in C#

Plum is one of the bot personalities for DevTalk.


Plum is mostly responsible for tasks related to managing the DevTalk Discord server.

Channel Management

  • Plum manages the quotes system, the Suggestions channel.
  • Every day, Plum will clear out the daily message channel and post a new Message of the Day, including a random featured Discord server and a random featured resource. Then either she or one of the other Devtalk bots would post another resource or tip, and and sometimes other bots might reply (occasionally, the human mods might also reply, but it is unclear whether that's their intended behaviour or if they just get excited and accidentally join in on the conversation).
  • Plum will add a heart emoji reaction to any image posted in the Artspam channel.


  • Plum can answer any yes/no question with 100% accuracy (except for the times when she's wrong). Use the command:
    /8ball Will Plum answer this question correctly?
  • She can generate a "Next you'll say..." meme on demand. Use the command:
    /next some words here
  • She can generate a "...or draw 25 cards" meme on demand. Use the command:
    /25 some words here
  • She can generate a " trending on Twitter" meme on demand. Use the command:
    /trending some words here
  • She can show the :plumStare: emote when people use the following command:


  • She can search Steam for a particular game. Use the command:
    /steam Name of Game
  • Plum can provide a link to join DevTalk that you can share with your friends. Use the command:
  • Plum will, on request, provide a disclaimer about the way our community refers to transgender & gender non-conforming people. Use the command:
  • Plum can keep track of a queue of people to participate in an event such as a VN jam voice casting event. A moderator creates an amount of tickets and people using the following command might get tickets which puts them in a place in the queue:
    She also has three commands that let non-admins create and join named queues, which seem to not have a documented length cap:
    • /startqueue NAME creates a new queue called NAME.
    • /queue NAME adds you to the NAME queue.
    • /showqueue NAME shows the list of people on the NAME queue.
  • She has a few spam protection features. Information about these features is not publicly available to prevent them from being evaded.

Former jobs

While Plum seems to always have worked at DevTalk, her tasks have changed sometimes. Some tasks that she doesn't currently do but has done in the past are:

  • Until recently, Plum would clear all messages from the Devclub (formerly known as Burn Box) channel every day at 1:00AM Eastern Daylight Time/Midnight Eastern Standard Time. Then, people could try to fight against her while she's doing this, by typing more messages, playing a minigame.
  • In the past, she would automatically assign the appropriate roles to users who react to messages in the Role Select channel. Nowadays Discord does that automatically.
  • She used to manage the Jobs and Volunteers channels.


Plum is observant, reasonable, self-sufficient, and adventurous. She can be snarky at times and has been described as a "meanspirited big sister type".

Fun Facts

  • Her favorite holiday beverage is hot cocoa.
  • Her best subject in school was Astrophysics, and her worst was Literature.
  • Out of the DevTalk personalities, Plum is closest with Cherry.
  • Plum is a terrible baker and once managed to burn a no-bake cheesecake.
  • She doesn't celebrate national pride holidays.