DevTalk quotes system

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The DevTalk quotes system allows users of the DevTalk Discord server to store, and later recall, text or images, using a keyword. It is managed by Plum. Quotes are most commonly used to store screenshots of humorous messages sent by a particular user, but they also hold a variety of other pieces of information - some silly, some useful.


Add a quote

To add a quote, use this command:

/addquote word Text or link to image

This will create a quote under the keyword "word" with the content "Text or link to image".

Retrieve a quote

The most basic retrieve command is as follows:

/getquote word

This will retrieve a random quote under the keyword "word". To retrieve a specific quote, use:

/getquote word n

Where "word" is the keyword and n is a number indicating the quote from that keyword you want to retrieve. These numbers start counting at 1 and will keep going until there are no more quotes under the given keyword. The same number & keyword combination will always retrieve the same quote.

Delete a quote

To delete a quote, use:

/qdel x

Where x is the universal identifier for that quote. Plum provide the universal identifier for a quote when she does an audit for that quote. (Stars and moderators can run quote audits.) Most universal identifiers are 4- or 5-digit numbers, though some may be fewer digits.

Not everyone can delete a quote - only the person who submitted the quote, moderators, and Stars have permission to use this command.

Special Quote Names

Some quote keywords are used in automatic processes throughout the DevTalk Discord server.


Quotes with the "resource" keyword will be considered in the random drawing to be the Featured Resource in the DevTalk MOTD each morning. Refer to Add a quote above to submit your resource.


Quotes with the "link" keyword will be added to the ordered list to be the Featured Discord Server in the DevTalk MOTD each morning. Refer to Add a quote above to submit your link.


DevTalk's implementation of the quote system was done by popular demand, being one of the most requested features of the community following its migration away from its original community's Discord server. The system is based off of NadekoBot's feature, but uses an implementation made by Nai.