Winter VN Jam

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The Winter Visual Novel Jam is a VN Jam where in the month of December participants create a visual novel themed around winter.

The jam was first hosted by Katy133 in 2020 and 2021, and hosted by Arimia and Maricu in 2022. It has been promoted by the DevTalk VN developer community, and general awareness, preparations, and team building for the jam start a month in advance.


The Winter VN Jam was inspired by Katy133 playing An Otaku's Guide to Santa's Reindeer [VNDB].


Participants may submit their entries to the jam's page during the submitting process. There is no judging or prizes for participants.


The jam's main rules are:

  • You can use the jam to complete a project you've already begun working on, so long as it fits with the jam's theme of winter.
  • The video game submission must be a visual novel or be story-focused.
  • There's no official judging. Anyone who reaches their goal during the jam has completed it.
  • This jam will not accept submissions that depict sex or gore. Please also do not submit anything hateful or bigotted.
  • Collaborations and solo projects welcome.
  • Submitting demos and works-in-progress are fine!

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