Devclub minigame

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The Devclub minigame is a minigame that can be played in the DevTalk Discord server at 1:00AM Eastern Daylight Time/Midnight Eastern Standard Time. Players compete against Plum as she attempts to delete all the messages in the Devclub channel.


The objective of the game is for the players to survive for 10 minutes, without allowing the Devclub channel to become completely empty nor losing all 13 hit points. The game is entirely collaborative, and all players win or lose together.



In the first phase of the game, the Clean phase, Plum will delete the full contents of Devclub. She does this at a rate of 200 messages per 5 seconds. During this phase, no damage to the players can be dealt and all new messages are treated as part of the existing text in Devclub, rather than as new additions.


Once the bulk of the messages are deleted, she looks for 'small deletions.' Each time she burns less than 16 messages, players lose one hit point. She barks at the players at certain thresholds. For instance, she'll say "やれやれ... Can't you see what's going on here" if you have 10 hit points, so it's possible to see that message multiple times.


If the players run out of hit points, she enters her third phase. She locks everyone out of Devclub for a short time and then resumes the chat's normal operation, posting the players' score briefly before deleting it and posting the daily status message.


Beating Plum is a matter of endurance and personpower. The players need to keep themselves from being completely burned (there must always be a minimum of 1 message added per burn to prevent it from completely burning), and must meet a certain threshold of messages (15) to prevent their hit points from lowering. This can be challenging because Discord does rate limit people when they spam, so you'll often need at least a few people helping.