DevTalk jobs system

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The DevTalk jobs & volunteer system allows users to post job & volunteer opportunities, as well as "looking for work" messages in the DevTalk Discord server. It is managed by Plum.


Post a Job

Job posting can theoretically be done in any channel, but in practice, users usually use the Bot Spam channel to run the command. Use the following format:

/job "A whole lotta money" Draw me a pretty picture!

The text written between the quotes will be registered in the "payment" field. The text after that will be the main description of the job. An image can also be added to the message, which will be included in the job posting.

After the command is run, the job posting will be added to the Job Requests channel.

Remove a Job Posting

If you have filled the job, or if you need to delete the post for any reason (including if you want to adjust & repost), you can click on the X emoji underneath it in the Job Requests channel. Only the original poster can do this - Plum will ignore anyone else who does so.

Post a Volunteer Opportunity

Send a message in the Looking for Volunteers channel. Volunteer opportunities that offer more details are more likely to generate interest. Do not discuss volunteer opportunities in this channel - move to a different channel or to Discord direct messages.

Create a Services Offered/Looking for Work Post

Send a message in the Looking for Work channel. Be sure to specify:

  • Exactly what services you're offering
  • Whether you're looking for paid work or volunteer work, and your rates if appropriate
  • Examples of your work if you have any