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VNDev Wiki aims to provide a searchable space to learn about the process of developing visual novels.

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Only registered and e-mail verified users may edit and contribute to VNDev Wiki.

This small measure of account authentication prevents anonymous spam and vandalism from impacting the hard work you and the rest of our community have put into creating a valuable education resource for visual novel development! Be sure to read our privacy policy and disclaimers located at the bottom of each page.

Be positive and constructive when editing or contributing

We are a community focused on positivity and collaborative effort. We work better together, and to do that we should be mindful of others and optimistic about our efforts.

Remain civil and thoughtful

Criticize ideas, not people. Criticizing ideas is the best way to change the minds of people. Criticizing people is rarely productive in changing their minds or outlooks.

Only submit content related to VN development

Do not submit personal, biographical information about yourself or other individuals outside of the interest of visual novel development.

It's important to protect the individuals who both contribute to the wiki and those that contribute to visual novel development. Please refrain from including information about yourself or others that may be used to identify, locate, or harm you or other individuals, and keep articles focused on visual novel development and related activities.

Avoid offensive content

Do not submit content that a reasonable person would find offensive.

In general, the VNDev Wiki should work to inform people about development of visual novels. While its true that some visual novels have objectionable material inside of them, we choose not to engage with them as a community. Regarding the 'Reasonable person' clause, this is to encourage contributors to self-select and consider the content that they are posting to the site, ideally encouraging them to moderate themselves, or verify with a moderator before posting potentially sensitive or prohibited content.

Avoid hateful or abusive content

Do not submit explicitly prohibited content including hateful imagery or messages, including logos, images, or other graphics that promote or condone hostility or abuse.

Our community is built on inclusiveness, but it will not tolerate content or individuals who engage in acts of hate, bigotry or abuse.

This is a list of explicitly prohibited content. Note that this list is not exhaustive, and is subject to change with or without notice.

  • Pornographic Material of any kind, censored or uncensored.
  • Lurid, Lewd, or otherwise suggestive images of any people or characters, real or otherwise.
  • References, links, or articles about or containing Lolicon, Shotacon, Pedophilia, or child abuse without prior authorization and approval from a moderator.
  • References, links, or articles about visual novels featuring hateful or deliberately offensive content. (See: Shock Content)
  • Hateful or disparaging messages or articles containing homophobia, transphobia, or racism.

Avoid self-promotion in articles

If you wish to discuss promoting your products, resources, or tools, please contact an administrator for opportunities to do so.

Our community is all about lifting up those who contribute to the cause of creating visual novels, however this site is not the preferred avenue for it. Seek help in DevTalk about promoting your visual novel or visual novel development tools and resources. At some point if your project has made a significant enough impact on the development community, someone will create a page for your product for you.

We have a number of opportunities for visual novel tool and resource creators to put their products in front of developers. Please contact Nai(@AT), or swing by the DevTalk Discord.

Write neutrally and without bias

The information and articles on VNDev Wiki should be as objective as they can be about the subjects within. While many of the subjects revolving around visual novels can be controversial or heavily disputed, VNDev Wiki is only helpful when the information can be trusted to be more unbias than not.

This policy does not extend to guides, tutorials, tip, or personal experience/accounts articles written by singular individuals, as these are intended to include their author's personal perspective for informative, educational or entertainment purposes.

Cite where possible

Good citations are useful for people seeking deeper elaboration on a subject. If a citation for a specific point is available, please make sure it is a part of the article you're writing or editing. While we're far from a rigorous scientific community, we should make attempts to reference sources of information when and where possible.