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A visual novel engine refers to engines such as Ren'Py, NaniNovel, or VNMaker, which are focused around the creation of visual novels or visual novel adjacent games. The engine must support text narrative, character-attributed dialogue, branching storylines, images, and character sprites. Engines that are built for narrative design but require another engine to create a visual novel are listed separately provided it is possible to create a visual novel with them. General purpose game engines such as Gamemaker, Unity or Godot are not listed.

Popular Engines

Name Creator/Developer Link Price Details
Ren'Py PyTom Free Supports Python 3
NaniNovel Elringus One time purchase Supports Unity
TyranoBuilder STRIKEWORKS One time purchase
Visual Novel Maker Degica One time purchase

Other engines

Name Last Update Platforms Access
BASS Web Gated
Belle 2017 Web Open Source
CatSystem2 2016 Windows Free/Commercial
CloudNovel Web Gated
Dorian 2023 iOS, Android Gated
jStory Gated
KiriKiri Z 2017 Windows, Android (Kirikiroid2) Open Source
Kocho 2021 iOS, Android Free
libnpengine 2019 2024 Windows, Web, iOS, Android Free
LiveMaker 2018 Windows Free
Monogatari 2022 Web Open Source
Novelty 2010 Windows Free
nScripter 2018 Windows
NVList 2022 Multiple Open Source
Om3ga Visual Novel Engine 2018 Free
RenJS 2022 Web Free
RichCast 2023 Windows, macOS
SEEVN 2 2021 Windows, macOS, Linux Free
Suika2 2023 Windows, macOS, iOS, Android Open Source 2021 Web Free
Tuesday JS visual novel engine 2023 Multiple Open Source
VNgen 2020 Commercial
WebStory Engine 2017 Web Open Source
Narrat 2024 Windows, macOS, Linux Free

Narrative Engines & Middleware

Name Last Update Platforms Access
Inky 2023 Web Free
Twine 2023 Windows, macOS, Linux Open Source
March22-Unity 2019 Unity Open Source

Defunct engines


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