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Visual;Conference, also known as VNConf, is an annual, day long web gathering of visual novel developers and those related to visual novel development where selected speakers give talks on subjects important to the visual novel industry. The talks range widely in topic, including narrative design, visual arts, localization, business, and other areas.

VNConf is hosted Aginyan. It uses a combination of webinar software and the Sekai Project Discord. Recorded videos can be accessed from its Youtube Channel.

2017 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2017 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
2 The VN Industry, Today and Tomorrow Randy Au
3 Getting that Grant Money Justin Kuiper
4 The Logo Design Process Jake Bowkett
5 Game Engines for OELVN Development John Doran
6 Visual Novel with Unity3D KG Tan
7 Narrative Techniques in Ladykiller in a Bind Christine Love
8 What's New with Ren'Py PyTom
9 Editing: What is it, and why do you need it? Fred The Barber
10 The Importance of Project Management Tabby
12 Pitfalls and Getting Out Echofrost & Tristan "Wolf" Barber
13 How do we use music to our advantage to draw out emotions? Mads Andersen
14 Environmental Design Using 3D Software Nick Green
15 Supporting Your Release and Post Release Nicholas Johnson
16 Experimental Marketing Nai
17 Visual Novels in the Age of Mobile Lawrence Brenner
19 Nukige from Scratch Ryechu
20 Localization Teams circa 2010 Tinfoil

2018 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2018 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
2 Directing Nachi Kio
3 Scenario writing Ryoichi Watanabe
4 Handling the workflow with an artist Alphaprospector
5 Analyzing trends in the VN market Bunny Advocate
6 Visual Novel, Inc JP The Third
9 Animating your visual novel John Doran
10 Fundamentals principles of architecture Nick Green
11 Visual novel UI design 101 Sasquatchii
12 Critiquing criticism, giving, receiving, good vs bad Cipher
13 Do a bit of everything! Peppertsuki
14 Marketing a VN - what Steam Greenlight taught me Quilly
15 The Player-Character Relationship Brandon Carbaugh
16 VNs vs 160 Characters Echofrost & Tristan "Wolf" Barber
17 Business models for visual novels on mobile Frank Zhang
18 What the heck is an Otome? Tabby
19 Voice acting in visual novels Sake-bento
20 Starting on the right foot Tutty the Fruity
21 N-n-nukige with plot?! Ryechu

2019 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2019 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
2 Writing for Mobile Visual Novels Xiang Xiang
3 Choice Design Steamgirl
4 How to effectively deploy text Florencia Minuzzzi
5 Objectivity and Music Tim Reichert
6 Writing for a studio vs writing for yourself JD
7 Giving your story a voice Tutty the Fruity
8 How to make a Story Grid Katy133
10 When the kickstarter stops Nai
11 EVN Kickstarter Analysis Pentagonbuddy
12 Surviving 2 years at PAX Justin Kuiper
13 The Visual Novel Reading room Ayu
14 Insanity: The Story of Watercress' NaNoRenO2018 Tristan "Wolf" Barber
15 Player Feedback & Embracing Negative Reviews Katie
16 How to organize an online gamedev conference Agilis
17 VN development pipeline Quilly
19 Tips for more "Natural" writing Cipher
20 Writing for Fast Forwarding Ruqiyah
21 H-scenes for Dummies Ryechu

2020 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2020 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
1 Pitching Anime Games to Entrepreneurs Arimia
2 The Art of UI Design Sasquatchii
3 What's an audio director and why might you need one? Tim Reichert
4 Using animation to bring life to your visual novel Lucy Blundell
5 Writing a story to be solved Gary Kings
7 VNs as a Canvas ds-sans
8 What's a VNRPG And Why Should I Make One? Els White
9 Capturing Subtle Emotions Using Choice Mechanics Florencia Minuzzi
10 Ways of generating dialogue in Ren'Py Quilly
11 Simple Trick To Make Choices Feel AAAAH! Steamgirl
12 Managing Your Editing Workflow Cipher
13 Creative Commons Feat. Hatsune Miku BaiYu
14 What novel? NaniNovel! An Intro to a New Engine for VN Creators Nai
15 Real-time Immersive 3D Architectural Visualization Nick
16 Generating & Refining Concepts without Divine Inspiration Empish
18 Talking to Artists for People who aren’t Artists Ayu
19 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: A Post-Mortem Tristan "Wolf" Barber & Alch
20 Teaching players how to play your visual novel Ruqiyah

2021 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2021 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
2 Your game is too loud! Tim Reichert
3 Why Graphic Design Matters More Than You Think ds-sans
4 Avoiding burnout as a solo dev! Maxi Molina
5 Building the World of Your Visual Novel Ashe Thurman
6 Staging a play together, apart Manuela Malasaña
7 Finding Good Quality Voice Actors for a Reasonable Price Cryshulvo
9 Finding a publisher for your VN: What to know first! Quilly
10 Publishing with Sekai Project, Abridged Edition Chris Ling
11 Your Game’s Audience is not Everyone Arimia
12 Accessibility in Game Design and Development Tristan "Wolf" Barber
14 Press-kits: What, Why, and How Jaime Scribbles
15 So You’re Working With Random Strangers Online MAHO! Cody
17 What's New with Ren'Py? PyTom
18 How I Hosted a VN Game Jam Katy133
19 Well, That Didn't Work sake-bento

2022 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2022 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
1 Power Emotions with Character Arcs Nina Roussakoff
2 Directing the Director: get the performance you wrote inside your head! Maxi Molina
3 How to design interesting choices in VN Ayael
4 Audio formats for VNs Tim Reichert
5 How to Approach Press/Content Creators for VN Devs Nook
7 The Intrigue in Ambiguity Katy133
8 Visual Novel Cinematography and Interactive Design Vimi
9 Using Unity and the application NaniNovel to create visual novels Miss Tabby Tales
10 Breaking Ren’Py: How our Pseudo-OS pushes Ren’Py even further beyond! Tristan "Wolf" Barber
11 Author to Game Producer – Changes and Challenges Anjell
13 Making a VN in 4 Months VS 4 Years (a double postmortem) Arimia
14 Releasing 8+ games (ft. game jams) and when to take a break Shino
16 Ship more polished games with half the time Quilly
17 Finish Your Game sake-bento

2023 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2023 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
1 From Vision to Visuals: Art Direction and Execution in Visual Novels ingthing
2 UI Design Basics Ayael
3 Voice Direction 101 Maxi
4 Adaptive Audio in Visual Novels – Mycorrhiza as a Case Study Tim Reichert
5 More than a Pretty Face: Art Direction for Visual Novels Pentagonbuddy
7 [ Working With Voice Actors sake-bento
8 Polishing your Release: the Little Features that Could Shino
9 How to grow a visual novel game studio Quilly
10 How to Write Triggering Scenes without Triggering Players Alanna
11 Enriching a player's experience with RNG Ekkoberry
13 [ Sprite Right! Mado
14 So You Want to be a Solo Dev Toast
16 Twitter is dead but your game isn't Arimia
17 Live2D For Ren'py Vimi
18 What's New with Ren'Py PyTom

2024 Talks & Speakers

YouTube Link to the 2024 Playlist.

No. Title Speaker(s)
--[1] Realistic Ambitions & Releases Moka
--[1] Dynamic Characters Suede
1 Dynamic Audio Implementation With Ren’Py AlfredPros
2 Marketing: How to never run out of content for your social media Ayael
3 Break 1[2]
4 10 or so post-production techniques to make your visual novel look more cinematic Justinn
5 Effect animation is real, but it can’t hurt you: Crashing into After Effects for anybody with an anybody Nai
7 The Art of Asset Reduction: Make More With Less Shino
8 Twenty Years of Ren’Py – And Then Some PyTom
9 Why People Want to Work with YOU Vimi
11 Read! Your! Contract! – A Crash Course In Freelance Commerce MAHO! Cody
12 Ready, Set, Research! Penta
14 Mystery Visual Novels: From Clueless To Creator Kinjo Goldbar
15 Choices in Visual Novels – What Makes Them Meaningful? Alaric
16 Character Customization 101 Feniks
17 Plot unblocking! Spoiling my own VNs for this talk [Promise, Progress, and Payoffs] Jaqui (littlemissleestories)
  1. 1.0 1.1 Preshow talks given by speakers who had scheduling conflicts with the live show.
  2. Originally a talk titled "Never lose your project! | Backups and GitHub in five minutes" by Ley Klussyn.