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Downloadable content, or DLC, (sometimes expansions or add-ons) is any game-related content that can be downloaded by the player after the purchase of the original game. It is typically published after the release of the original game, though it could be released at the same time. DLC may be available for free or require purchase, but the term used alone often indicates paid content, with unpaid content being marketed as "free DLC".

Common forms of DLC content for visual novels include: soundtracks, digital artbooks, or extra stories/routes (which are sometimes marketed as fandiscs).

For something to be considered DLC, it must have been released (or authorized) by the official creator of the original game. Unofficial, fan-created content might include mods and fanart.


A fandisc is a sequel or add-on content to an existing visual novel or game. Despite the word "fan" in the name, Fandiscs are produced or authorized by the original developer of the game.

The word typically refers to continuations or bonus content rather than complete spin offs and usually warrants the printing of a completely new product. Although the term is in use worldwide, fandiscs are significantly more common in Japan than in the West, where similar content is more commonly branded as DLC.


Patches are modifications to a game that are released by the game's official creators or publishers after the release of the game. They are generally understood to be fixes or small changes (while the terms downloadable content or fandisc are used for larger content additions), but the distinction is not always well-defined.


Non-intrusive patches and in-game changes to software are called hotfixes. They are used to improve performance, fix bugs, or otherwise correct errors.


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A translation patch or localization patch is a patch intended to change the content and assets of a game to support one or more additional languages. Translation patches that are made by unofficial parties are called fan translations.

While a "translation patch" is downloaded as an add-on to the original game, a "localized version" is a standalone, re-released version of the game in a different language.

18+ Patches

Patches that include material not suitable for regular distribution due to sexual or otherwise explicit content are called 18+ Patches.