Log line

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A log line or logline (as explained in Wikipedia's article about log lines) is a brief (usually one-sentence) summary of a story, to give people an idea why they should be interested the story.

They should be long enough to give people an idea what type of story it is and whether they're part of its audience, but short enough to be read in a couple of seconds and included in lists (such as the lists itch.io has for each genre and tag).

Examples from Visual Novels

Some examples from Spooktober VN Jam entries:

Undo the Mustache Curse, Witch! (Spooktober 2023)

The princess has been mustachioed, and the royal ball is TOMORROW!

This establishes the setting as being royal or aristocratic, and by using the made-up word mustachioed it implies that it is a comedy VN.

No Body To Go With (Spooktober 2023)

You are a sad, poorly drawn ghost. You want to go to the Spooky Ball, but you have nobody to go with!!!

Between the pun in the title and the "poorly drawn" in the logline, it informs the reader that it's a comedy VN that might contain puns and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Kingdom Of The Ants (Spooktober 2022)

a visual poem of doom

Players may be interested in this if they enjoy poetry and horror.

Spectral Phantasy (Spooktober 2022)

Trapped in a haunted house with a cute ghost boy?!

Being "trapped" evokes a sense of horror, but the word "cute" implies that it has romance elements. The actual game is mostly romance, but it does have scary parts.