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This page is to address frequently asked questions as it relates to general visual novel development. Answers should ideally be given in page/link form as much as possible.


"How can I publish my game on Steam?"

- See Steam Direct

"How can I publish my game on Itch.IO?"

- See Itch.IO Developers

"How can I incorporate my business? (To meet the requirements to publish/conduct business)"

- There are a few ways to incorporate based on your country, district, province or states. It is best to investigate the options available to you locally by engaging your local government's resources.


"When is the next X jam?/Where can I see the next visual novel jam?"

- Most jams are run annually. The List of VN jams is listed by month.


"What is a CG?"

- See Event CG

"What is that icon that appears in text boxes letting you know to press a button to continue?"

- See Textbox#Click-to-continue_indicator