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DevTalk is a vibrant community of VN Developers.


DevTalk is a public community and Discord server composed of just under 4,000 users.


DevTalk Stars

Main article: DevTalk stars

The DevTalk Stars are individuals deemed exemplary in their contributions and behavior in the community and are selected by Nai, Arimia, and the other DevTalk Stars after an internal nomination. DevTalk stars are trusted with a number of additional management rights to assist in managing the community should one of the moderators be absent. DevTalk Stars are not required or expected to engage in any moderation activities, and their involvement in such activities is entirely voluntary.


  • Provide a space to learn, experiment and develop professional skills related to visual novels.
  • Provide a safe place for our vibrant community of creators, supporting racial diversity, diversity in sexual orientation and gender diversity.
  • Provide space to meet other creatives and collaborate on making great visual novels, and make the visual novel industry better.
  • Provide and connect opportunities, resources and services to visual novel creatives.
  • Provide an environment focused on actionable, optimistic problem solving.


This is a copy of DevTalk's guidelines as of 06/16/2022:

  • This is your Devtalk.
  • Stupid questions are encouraged! Someone else will learn from any stupid question you ask, so don’t be afraid to ask them!
  • Be positive and constructive!
  • Share your challenges and victories.
  • Share your mistakes, and what you learned from them.
  • Share your plans, strategies and goals.
  • Offer your feedback on what happens in Devtalk. Devtalk belongs to all of us.

  • Devtalk is Powered By You.
  • Devtalk wouldn’t be Devtalk without you. You are the community’s present and future.
  • We encourage all Devtalkers to share progress, big and small.
  • Always pay help forward. If you’ve been helped and you’re able to help someone, do!
  • Don’t have anything to say, but like what you see? Add a big ol’ heart or lemon reaction to show the love!
  • Always Be Civil.
  • Respect each other. Criticize ideas, not people.
  • Don’t post things that a reasonable person would find offensive.
  • Posting NSFW? Just provide a content warning and spoiler mark the image in lewdtalk!
  • No hateful imagery or messages— this includes logos, images, or other graphic that promote or condone hostility or abuse. This includes the defacement of symbols. This includes but isn't limited to messages exhibiting homophobia, transphobia and racism.
  • If you have any concerns with something or someone, feel free to bring it up to a mod. If it's with a specific person, try to work it out with them privately and seek help if that doesn't work

  • This is a shill positive community!
  • Everyone should understand that other developers are not their target audience, but we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love visual novels, so don’t be afraid to tell us about your latest and greatest!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for Retweets! Other people may retweet you, and the mods can retweet you through Lemonchan.
  • Devtalk Stars are awarded to individuals who volunteer and contribute to the community in meaningful ways and uphold our community values and goals.
  • Stars have an optional distinguished chat color and may post unrestricted to the community news channel.


DevTalk offers a variety of features to provide value to its users. Some of these include:


DevTalk's mascots are Bot Personalities and are featured in banners, interfaces, and advertisements for the community and its events regularly.