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Making a game accessible means ensuring that it is playable and enjoyable by people with a variety of disabilities or control preferences. A great many guides and sets of standards exist online to help you with this process. One such guide is Game Accessibility Guidelines.

Common Accessibility Concerns


  • Color should not be the only way that essential information is communicated
  • Create a strong contrast between text and the background
  • Use a readable & accessible font and font size
  • Space GUI elements well

Mobility & Reaction Time

  • Allow users a way to continue through the game without playing minigames
  • Allow remapping of controls
  • Allow all functions to be accessed using either mouse or keyboard, to the extent possible
  • Provide alternatives for holding down buttons


  • Provide subtitles or visual representations of sound effects
  • Allow users to change the volume of different components (such as music, sound effects, and voice acting) independently of each other