Weekly Discussion Questions

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Weekly Discussion Questions are a regular part of the DevTalk experience. Every Monday, a new discussion topic is posted on DevTalk's Twitter and Discord where participants are encouraged to engage with the topic. Weekly Discussion Questions in DevTalk range from questions to provoke insightful discourse between users, share information about themselves or their development work, or outright jokes.


Weekly Discussion Questions were originally handled by hand, being posted by a moderator or user on Mondays and then sent out to Discord and Twitter by the community account holder, Nai. Questions are sourced by both leadership and community members, and calls for new discussion questions are often made publicly in DevTalk's discord, in the On Topic channel. The questions are then loaded into a queue, where upon Lemon will compile the question along with a compiled question graphic, then send them to the Announcements and On Topic channels in Discord, and the community Twitter account with the #VNLink hashtag.

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