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Plum PFP.jpg
Role/Purpose Manage the DevTalk Discord server
Creator(s) Nai
Status Active
Initial activation April 15, 2019; 3 years ago (2019-04-15)
Written in C#

Plum is one of the bot personalities for DevTalk.


Plum is mostly responsible for tasks related to managing the DevTalk Discord server.

Channel Management

  • Plum manages the quotes system, the Suggestions channel, and the Jobs and Volunteers channels.
  • Every night (Eastern time), Plum will clear out the Welcome channel and post a new Message of the Day, including a random featured Discord server and a random featured resource.
  • She will automatically assign the appropriate roles to users who react to messages in the Role Select channel.
  • Plum will add a heart emoji reaction to any image posted in the Artspam channel.
  • Every day at 1:00AM Eastern Daylight Time/Midnight Eastern Standard Time, Plum will clear all messages from the Burn Box channel. If you try to fight against her while she's doing this, you can play a minigame.


/vndb Name of VN
  • She can search Steam for a particular game. Use the command:
/steam Name of Game


  • Plum can answer any yes/no question with 100% accuracy (except for the times when she's wrong). Use the command:
/8ball Will Plum answer this question correctly?
  • She can generate a "Next you'll say..." meme on demand. Use the command:
/next some words here
  • She can generate a "...or draw 25 cards" meme on demand. Use the command:
/25 some words here
  • She can generate a " trending on Twitter" meme on demand. Use the command:
/trending some words here


  • Plum can provide a link to join DevTalk that you can share with your friends. Use the command:
  • Plum will, on request, provide a disclaimer about the way our community refers to transgender & gender non-conforming people. Use the command:
  • She has a few spam protection features. Information about these features is not publicly available to prevent them from being evaded.


Plum is observant, reasonable, self-sufficient, and adventurous. She can be snarky at times and has been described as a "meanspirited big sister type".

Fun Facts

  • Her favorite holiday beverage is hot cocoa.
  • Her best subject in school was Astrophysics, and her worst was Literature.
  • Out of the DevTalk personalities, Plum is closest with Cherry.
  • Plum is a terrible baker and once managed to burn a no-bake cheesecake.
  • She doesn't celebrate national pride holidays.