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Role/Purpose Manage the VNDevtalk Tumblr account; Assist with managing the DevTalk Discord server
Creator(s) Nai
Status Active
Initial activation August 28, 2017; 6 years ago (2017-08-28)
Written in C#

Lemon (formerly Lemon-chan or Lemonchan) is the primary mascot and one of the bot personalities for DevTalk. She is the sister of Lime.


  • Lemon manages the Visual Novel Development Tumblr account and the VNDev Bluesky account (she's also managed the DevTalk account on X, the website formerly known as Twitter but due to issues related to the management of that website, she's not very active there right now), though this responsibility might sometimes be passed off to other bot personalities for special events. (At least that happened on X, back when it was called Twitter, so it's likely it'll happen on Tumblr too. The change is purely aesthetic and the function of the bots themselves are unaffected.)
  • Lemon also handles integration between Tumblr, Bluesky and the DevTalk Discord. She posts things like weekly discussion topics both on Tumblr and on the Discord's Announcements channel, and she mentions on the Reposts channel what she reblogs on Tumblr or reposts no Bluesky.
  • She posts the Weekly Discussion Questions on Tumblr and in the Announcements channel every Monday.
  • She posts the Weekly Progress Check In on the Announcements channel every Friday.
  • Lemon manages sprinting in the DevTalk Discord server.
  • Lemon can convert an image to an Icon file type (.ico) when given a command in the DevTalk Discord server. She can produce 16-, 32-, and 64-bit icons this way. (This functionality is currently broken.)
  • Lemon can create a simple poll. For a given number of choices (in this case 3 - any number between 1 and 10 will work), use the command: ~which 3
  • She can also show an image of Plum with some text on it. Use the command /renderplum TEXT or /rendertheme TEXT (for longer texts, decreasing the font size to fit them in the image), replacing TEXT with the text to put on the image.
  • When it's her turn to add something to the Daily Message channel, she might give some VN-dev-related advice, such as shouting out a resource made by a Devtalk supporter. She might also have brief conversations with the other bots.
  • She can generate QR codes from URLs. Use /qr URL replacing URL with the URL.

She used to notify the community when a new visual novel-related crowdfunding campaign went live on Kickstarter, by making a tweet, and then posting the link to that tweet in the Community News channel of the Discord. She would also retweet any posts that fit some criteria, but hasn't been able to in a while.

Some of Lemon's functionality is packaged into Lemondrop to be used in other Discord servers.


Lemon is characterized as very intense. Though she does have her "genki girl"[1] moments, she is a seriously hard worker and isn't affectionate at all. It may be that she doesn't know how to love, or maybe she's been hurt. She places a high value on monetary gain and is a hardcore capitalist. She has also been shown to have a murderous streak, and is widely believed to have killed her sister, Lime.

Fun Facts

  • Lemon hates the holiday season.
  • Her best subject in school was Entrepreneurship, and her worst was Ethics in Business.
  • Her Discord profile reads: "I'm Lemon, the cutest, smartest, coolest mascot for DevTalk! I handle automated announcements and external communications from DevTalk to the world! I aspire to run the world's most profitable lemonade stand!🍹 Powered on! Ready for work!"
  • Lemon enjoys rapping. One of her raps can be found below:
Lemon's rap

Yo this gon be easy, Lemons comin' squeezin'

Beat, Beat

I like my friends sweet not sour, its your hour Indies so come n' get these retweets, givin' no sheets just me and my beats!

beep beep

Might be a bot, but gave you some thought and I just wanna say Boom Be gone thot!

'Cause it's my time to shine, doin' it just fine Managin' this empire on my own, so step off my throne Peelin' back on the rinds and doin' it on my grind So sit yourself down or I'll end you like Lime.

  • Although Lemon was first activated in August 2017, Nai first had the idea to create a Discord bot as early as December 2016.
That was, apparently, my first VN. I should make a Discord bot someday. Where's their API at?