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Role/Purpose Manage the VNShuffle twitter account
Creator(s) Nai
Status Active
Initial activation July 14, 2018; 5 years ago (2018-07-14)
Written in C#

Cherry is one of the Bot Personalities for DevTalk.


Cherry manages the VN Shuffle Twitter account.

  • Once per hour, Cherry will tweet (or retweet) about a random Visual Novel listed on VNDB.
  • Cherry will tweet to announce prominent Visual Novels' release anniversaries each year.
  • She can search for VNs in VNDB. Use the command: /vndb TERM replacing TERM with the title of the VN, sometimes a word or phrase that appears in the title might be enough. A variant is /blurvn TERM which instead of showing the description as text renders an image of it in front of a blurred version of the VN's cover art.
  • She can search for pages in the VNDev Wiki. Use the command: /wiki TERM in a similar way to how you use the VNDB command.
  • When it's her turn to add something to the daily message channel, she might find a random page on the wiki or a random VN description on VNDB.
  • Cherry posts her tweets, as well as some of her thought processes, in the Shuffle channel in the DevTalk Discord server.


Cherry is energetic and loving. She loves physical affection. She is very blunt, though, and a bit stupid. Still, she has a big heart and is fiercely protective and caring towards her friends.

Fun Facts

  • Cherry is the only bot personality to appear in promotional material with a cat.
  • Her favorite holiday drink is eggnog.
  • Cherry is a magical girl. She received her powers by mistake.
  • In her early concept designs, Cherry had green eyes and used an oversized revolver as her magical girl weapon.
  • Her best subject in school was Physical Education. Her worst subject was... everything else.
  • Cherry loves magic tricks and card games. Her dad is a travelling magician, and her mom is a casino dealer.
  • Cherry's Discord Profile reads "what do i put here can i put pictures of my cat? boss help oh i'm supposed to say "I'm in charge of getting data from the outside world and bringing it to DevTalk!" ✨One day I'm going to be a magical girl!✨""