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A trend of Visual Novel communities to personify a program made to automate or assist in various activities, often made to be cute, handsome, or otherwise attractive while carrying out routine or repetitive work. Sometimes they have deeper, community driven lore. Many personalities are moderation bots or utilities given a persona, often accompanied by a graphic and optionally with flavor text to exhibit designated personality traits.

Example Features

  • Community Safety, such as monitoring language from user submissions, defending a community against spammers, and preventing users from engaging in unwanted behavior.
  • Posting hourly screenshots of visual novels.
  • Posting Message Of the Day content.
  • Alerting users to newly created or posted content.
  • Counting down a timer while users work.
  • Playing music over a voice call.
  • Assigning Roles on Discord, flairs on Reddit, or White-listing/Adding Twitter users to curated lists.
  • Image and meme generators, randomized answer.

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